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            斗南花市,不僅僅只有鮮花 世界,請重新想象斗南
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            Dounan flower market where is not just flowers


            Dounan now shares its beauty and romance with millions of households.


            主場館Main stadium

            花仙子元氣空間 "Flower fairy vitality space"

            斗南國際花卉中心Dounan international flower center


            This is the largest fresh cut flower market in all Asian States, with more than 6 billion 530 million floral transactions in 2016 and 5 billion 355 million yuan for trade.30 thousand square meters of Dounan international flower market, lavender, peony, rose, carnation, African chrysanthemum, star, hydrangea... Compete with each other for beauty of looks. 1600 kinds of colorful flowers, dazzling but good to hear or see, as if to tell all in a moving story, entrusted with those who want to say and not feeling, coupled with Yunnan's largest supermarket succulents, the one and only the fleshy "Adorable base", a group, a cluster of clusters, quick to pick up some home life and love everything together;On the third floor, Dounan flower market food is featured with flowers as the theme, and your taste buds will be invited to enjoy the delicious food. Enjoy the scenery while playing music, you can see the fierce pomp of fresh cut deals.

            1F  花卉交易大廳

            1HF 拍賣大廳及綜合辦公區

            2F  多肉超市

            3F  花花世界美食萃 

            1F Flower Trade Hall

            1HF Auction Hall and General Office Area

            2F Succulent Plants’ Supermarket

            3F Colorful World Food

            1號館1 Pavilion

            “魔力花卉王國”"Magic flower kingdom"

            花卉精品館Flower boutique


            Ideas of derivative products display flowers, dried flowers and essential oils, sachets, simulation flowers, eternal life thousands of products in the bloom flowers, such as high-end floral training institutions to provide the public mind and entertainment professional flower art training.Colorful floral design on the other side of the flower.

            1F 干花,精油,花藝資材

            2F 仿真花

            3F 永生花

            4F 花藝資材


            1F Dried Flower, Essential Oil, Flower Art.

            2F Simulation Flower

            3F Living Flower

            4F Flower Art Materials.

            5F Flower Art Training Institute


            2號館2 Pavilion

            “花都旅游天堂” "Flower tourism paradise"

            花都手信館The floral gift shop

            1F 黃金,珠寶,玉石,銀飾,民俗工藝品

            2F 旅游商品,紀念品超市

            3F 花藝資材

            4F 木之韻紅木館

            5F 云南銘品藝術館

            1F Gold, Jewelry, Jade, Silver Jewelry, Folk Arts and Crafts.

            2F Tourist Commodities, Souvenir Supermarket.

            3F Flower Art Materials.

            4F The mahogany pavilion of wood.

            5F Yunnan MingPin  Art Museum.


            3號館3 Pavilion

            “花房姑娘藝術館”"Flower room girl art gallery"

            生活藝術館Life art museum

            1F 藝術生活精品

            2F 錦繡八仟平

            3F 動漫、網咖、玩具店

            4F 品質餐飲、休閑娛樂、教育培訓

            5F 花藝培訓

            1F Fine Art Life.

            2F Splendid Eight Thousand Flat.

            3F Animation, Internet bar, toy store, children's wear, maternal and child experience zone.

            4F Quality catering, Leisure and Entertainment, Cafe.

            5F Flower Art Training Institute


            4號館4 Pavilion

            “夢幻精靈部落”"Fantasy elf tribe"

            萬花筒夢世界Kaleidoscope dream world


            1F 神秘王國


            1F Mysterious Kingdom

            The 20-130 square meter human space is planned as central free stage, flower souvenir supermarket, flea market, elf toy supermarket and jungle climbing.

            2F 夢幻森林


            2F Fantasy Forest

            The 31-132 square meter personality space is planned as jungle shooter, dessert player, fun toy, children's art theme restaurant, Magic Photo Studio, Xuan Ying bubble house, Lovely pet botanical garden and firefly Science Museum.

            3F 奇幻火山谷


            3F Fantasy volcano Valley

            The scale space of 31-116 square meters, is planning for cars, bumper cars, indoor carousel, train and indoor small cartoon theme restaurant.4F magic water world.

            4F 魔力水世界


            4F Magic Water World

            The reasonable range of 31-131 square meters, was planning to escape, haunted house, room theme of science and technology, VR interactive Museum, ice house mirror maze and 5D fun shooting gallery.

            5F 精靈部落


            5F Elves Tribe

            The 32-131 square meter dream space is planned for the theme bar, the art restaurant, the flower tea bar, the beauty and health SPA and the sports hall.


            5號館5 Pavilion

            “奇趣童夢世界” "Funny dream world"

            花都海洋世界Kunming Huadu Ocean World


            Kunming, the city of flower, Yunnan ocean world is the biggest flower, the theme of the ocean inland plateau of the marine world, contains 9 themes, 21 spots, set flower art, marine animal shows, ornamental flower, science education, leisure and entertainment, shopping, the edutainment for the purpose of breaking the ocean theme park in the traditional mode, perfect to restore the original ecological sea scene, invited the Russian elite team ran, portrait of dedication feast show very exotic underwater.

            -1F 海洋世界主題體驗

            1F 海洋世界主題體驗

            2F 兒童娛樂體驗館,海洋禮品、簡餐

            3F 花藝學校、花卉藝術觀賞、3D奇趣館,冰雪體驗、互動體驗

            4F 海洋、航??破震^,夢幻燈展、4D電影院

            5F 萌寵猛獸館

            -1F Ocean World Theme Experience.

            1F Ocean World Theme Experience.

            2F Children's Entertainment Experience Hall, Marine Gift, Casual Dining.

            3F Flower Art School, Flower Art Appreciation, 3D Curiosity Pavilion, Ice and Snow Experience, Interactive Experience.

            4F Sea, Marine Science Museum, Dream Light Exhibition, 4D Cinema.

            5F Cute Pet Monster House.


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